Whether you need building plans for approval or just need to scope out the potential of your prospective new home, read on to discover how we can bring out the best in your project.

Getting Approved

For the typical residential dwelling, there are two main ways to get building approval in NSW:  Via your local council (known as a DA)  or via a private certifier (known as a Complying Development Application).  In all cases, we explore the relevant planning instruments and develop with you a design that balances your needs with mandated planning requirements.

Internal Planning & Design

Plans that will assist in communicating with your builder (and therefore more accurate quoting and a more efficient roll-out of your project) include joinery layouts, electrical plan and plumbing points

We can work with you to create schedules that will help you budget the interiors and keep track of the fixtures and fittings.

Construction Phase

Project liaison during construction:  once you commence the build, it is not unusual for unexpected site issues or changes of mind to produce quandaries.  You may find you want a little help from us around liaising with your builder to arrive at the best place to move the project forward.

We can be with you at site meetings to iron out any wrinkles or help guide you through making on-the-ground decisions.

How does the design and planning process of my home happen?

Developing your design plans, collating the relevant documents for council, and submitting plans for approval… It’s all somewhat of a mystery to many homeowners, so here is a simplified explanation of the procedure.

Step 1

Site assessment and survey

We start with a meeting to learn about your lifestyle, assess your design needs and find out what the vision is for your home. We also arrange a building survey if needed.

Step 2

Concept design

Then we work to design the concept that will best fulfil your practical needs, and bring out the best in your living space.

Step 3

Pre-DA at council or consultation by Certifier

We take the concept plans to council (in the case of D.A.) or show it to a private certifier (in the case of a Complying Development Certificate) to obtain planning feedback on any issues that might arise during the approvals process.

Step 4

Prepare plans for submission

Once the plans have been vetted and tweaked, we are ready to detail and finalise the layouts.

Step 5

Submit application

If we lodge the plans at council as a Development Application, fees are paid, procedures are implemented, neighbours are notified and the plans are ultimately determined by council. The process usually takes around 8 to 12 weeks, depending upon your zoning and the type of DA lodged. Alternatively, if we apply for a Complying Development Certificate via a Private Certifier, this means the plans are deemed to be “complying” strictly with codes set down by NSW Dept of Planning & Environment and so the approvals process takes just 10 days.

Step 6

Construction Certificate

Once approval is granted, you can apply for your Construction Certificate and in some cases we can submit an application for the CC at the same time as we apply for development consent. As soon as the Construction Certificate is issued, you can start building.

Step 7

Construction Phase

For most people, this is the exciting part. You get to see your dream come alive and although there are still some jobs for you to do and decisions to be made, your main role is as financier of the project.

Step 8

Construction Concludes

At the conclusion of your build, you will need your Certifier to issue you with an Occupation Certificate, which is formal permission to occupy the dwelling.

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