Inner City Gem

A teeny-tiny house gets some breathing space

In a dark and overshadowed part of overbuilt Sydney we’ve, created an oasis of light and peace.

Like many urban terraces, the footprint of this house is boundary-to-boundary, leaving no access to natural lighting. This cottage suffered from house-rickets! So an industrial shot of sunlight was administered in the form of a vaulting clerestory which now allows natural light to fill the space, whilst maximising the footprint (and maintaining privacy).

But it is natural ventilation that is the star of the show here. Even on the hottest 42°C summer day, the house recorded a max temp of 25°C without mechanical cooling, instead being constantly refreshed by cross-breezes from both the clerestory windows and the internal courtyard.

The original rooms of the house also received a welcome upgrade, and now this sweet original worker’s cottage is a modern, sophisticated and elegant two bedroom house with ensuite, full family bathroom and separate laundry …all on less than 170m².